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Information About our Advertising & Legal Disclosures

Advertising Disclosure owned by Pathway Mortgage LLC is a free information source to consumers and does not charge you, the consumer for our industry-leading guides, cutting-edge tools, or up-to-date lending news. In fact, we don't charge you at all for using our site. There is no cost to submit a loan application or quote, and read about all the different program and product options.

If you choose to proceed to apply for a residential through this website you will not be charged any fees and be under no obligation by using this website.

How Does Pathway Mortgage LLC make money?

After using our free information and services on our website, if you choose to do a formal loan application with Pathway Mortgage LLC we generate revenue through lender paid compensation from one of our banks or wholesale lending partners. After completing a formal loan application you will get to select from a list of different lender partners and loan program options that best fits your particular residential home loan needs. Once you close and fund your residential mortgage loan through your selected lender, the partnered bank or lender will then pay Pathway Mortgage LLC compensation for originating the home loan. The other way Pathway Mortgage LLC makes money is through borrower paid compensation. It is similar to the lender paid compensation, you still select the lender or bank that best meets your mortgage needs, however, instead of the lender/bank paying compensation the borrower can choose to pay Pathway Mortgage LLC. On some loans Pathway Mortgage LLC an charge the borrower a administrative fee and borrower paid compensation. These are the ways that Pathway Mortgage LLC receives compensation. All borrowers are made fully aware of the compensation that will be received to Pathway Mortgage LLC by helping to originate the residential mortgage loan. All compensation made by Pathway Mortgage LLC is fully disclosed to all clients. Compensation for originating a loan is never paid by a borrower directly to Pathway Mortgage LLC. Pathway Mortgage receives all compensation at the time of loan closing and funding.

Disclosures and Legal Information

The information contained on the website is for informational purposes only and is a informativewebsite for residential mortgage products, programs, and services. Pathway Mortgage LLC is a licensed mortgage broker. The other purpose of this site is to help consumers apply for a residential mortgage home loan by selecting the "Apply" button on the right side at The views and opinions expressed herein are those of Pathway Mortgage LLC and it's officers.

We do not underwrite, service, appraise, close, or fund residential mortgage loans. Pathway Mortgage LLC receives applications and partners with banks and wholesale lending companies fully underwrite, close, and fund residential mortgage loans. Pathway Mortgage LLC also partners with banks and lender's to lock interest rates and provide interest rate advise to its clients.

Please contact our leadership support team at 844-777-1616 extension 700 or email at if you are suspicious of any fraudulent activities or have any questions. If you would like to find out more information about your benefits, please visit the Official US Government website for the Department of Veteran Affairs or the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. Pathway Mortgage LLC NMLS ID 2063164 is operated by state licensed mortgage loan officers. Click here to view our licenses on the NMLS Consumer Access website.

Pathway Mortgage LLC is not affiliated with the US Government, US Armed Forces or Department of Veteran Affairs. TheUS Government agencies have not reviewed this information and this site is not connected with any government agency.

Contact Information

Contact Information

If you have a Concern or Compliant Contact Managing Broker: Joseph Miller
1-844-777-1616 Extension 700


Main Office Address: 7709 Holiday Dr Sarasota, FL 34231



Pathway Mortgage LLC NMLS 2063167
Florida  - Licensed as a Mortgage Broker by the Office of Financial Regulation, License No. MBR4206
Indiana  - Licensed as a Loan Broker by the Secretary of State, NMLS ID 2063164
Kentucky -  Licensed as a Mortgage Broker by the Department of Financial Institutions, License No.MB735358
South Carolina –  Licensed as a Mortgage Broker by the Department of Consumer Affairs, License No. 2063164
Tennessee – Mortgage License, licensed by the Department of Financial Institutions, License No. 2063164