July 2024 Newsletter
Pathway Mortgage LLC
Pathway Mortgage LLC
Published on July 9, 2024

July 2024 Newsletter

A man with hard hat standing on steps inspecting house roof

Home Maintenance Checklist: Keeping Your Property in Prime Condition

– Your Home –

Owning a home comes with the responsibility of maintaining it to ensure it remains in optimal condition. Regular upkeep not only enhances its curb appeal but also preserves its value over time. To assist homeowners in this endeavor, here's a comprehensive home maintenance checklist:1. Roof InspectionRegularly inspect the roof for signs of damage such a… READ MORE

Refinancing Done Right: When and How to Refinance Your Mortgage

– Finances –

Refinancing a mortgage can be a savvy financial move for homeowners under the right circumstances. Whether it's to secure a lower interest rate, reduce monthly payments, or tap into home equity, understanding when and how to refinance is crucial. Here's a guide to refinancing done right:1. Assess Your GoalsDetermine why you want to refinance. Are…. READ MORE

This article is for information, illustrative and entertainment purposes only and does not purport to show actual results. It is not, and should not be regarded as investment advice or as a recommendation regarding any particular investment action.

Young African American Woman’s Planning Perspective

The Power of Dreams: How a Vision Can Drive Personal and Financial Success

Personal Interest

Dreams have the remarkable ability to inspire, motivate, and propel individuals toward personal and financial success. Whether it's achieving career milestones, starting a business, or attaining financial independence, harnessing the power of dreams can be transformative. Here's how a vision can drive success:1.Clarity of PurposeDreams provide cl…. READ MORE

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